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Mark Garside

Vital Statistics Photo + stats provided by — last updated: 2020-02-15

Mark Garside
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
East Kilbride
Playing position
Youth team
Edinburgh Capitals


Mark Garside, 30 years old from Scotland, rejoins the Giants for a tenth season. He first joined the Giants back in 2010 after four years spent with the Edinburgh Capitals.

During his time in Belfast, Garside has helped the organisation win three league championships, in the 2011/12, 2013/14 and 2018/19 seasons, as well as two Challenge Cup titles and sits fourth in the Giants overall appearances with 473 games played.

Garside has been a regular in the Team GB national side for seven straight seasons and clinched Gold in the 2017 World Championship hosted in Belfast, their first in 24 years.

Garside is a fantastic two-way player and can skate at either on defence or at centre where he is exceptional in the face-off circle. His quality and versatility has seen Mark represent Great Britain at the Under 18, Under 20 and Senior level.

Playing History

2019-2020Belfast GiantsChampions HL CUP64011
2019-2020Belfast GiantsEIHL4732369
2018-2019Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS40011
2018-2019Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP118112
2018-2019Belfast GiantsContinental Cup CUP64000
2017-2018Belfast GiantsEIHL158101
2017-2018Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP62011
2016-2017Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS34000
2016-2017Great BritainWC D1B50123
2016-2017Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP124213
2016-2017Belfast GiantsEIHL511811011
2015-2016Great BritainOGQ32000
2015-2016Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP112055
2015-2016Belfast GiantsEIHL471821113
2014-2015Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP60314
2014-2015Great BritainWC D1B58101
2014-2015Belfast GiantsContinental Cup CUP32101
2014-2015Belfast GiantsEIHL34188614
2013-2014Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP126044
2013-2014Belfast GiantsEIHL482431215
2013-2014Great BritainWC D1B52134
2012-2013Great BritainOGQ62000
2012-2013Belfast GiantsEIHL503161824
2012-2013Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP128257
2011-2012Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS34123
2011-2012Belfast GiantsEIHL543273744
2011-2012Great BritainWC D1A52000
2011-2012Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP1283710
2010-2011Belfast GiantsEIHL418141630
2010-2011Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP70123
2010-2011Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS10011
2009-2010Edinburgh CapitalsEIHL PLAYOFFS25112
2009-2010Edinburgh CapitalsEIHL Cup CUP64123
2009-2010Great BritainWC D150101
2009-2010Edinburgh CapitalsEIHL5624132336
2008-2009Edinburgh CapitalsEIHL KO Cup CUP20101
2008-2009Edinburgh CapitalsEIHL522081523
2008-2009Great Britain U20WJC-20 D252033
2008-2009Edinburgh CapitalsEIHL Cup CUP30011
2007-2008Edinburgh CapitalsEIHL Cup CUP42000
2007-2008Edinburgh CapitalsEIHL PLAYOFFS20000
2007-2008Great Britain U20WJC-20 D150000
2007-2008Edinburgh CapitalsEIHL49651621
2007-2008Edinburgh CapitalsEIHL KO Cup CUP40011
2006-2007Great Britain U18WJC-18 D144011
2006-2007Great Britain U20WJC-20 D1512011
2006-2007Edinburgh CapitalsEIHL Cup CUP40112
2006-2007Edinburgh CapitalsEIHL438088
2002-2003Scotland U15EIHA Conf. U15 CUP40134
2000-2001Scotland U13EIHA Conf. U13 CUP40202