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Paul Swindlehurst


The 26 year old 6’4” defenceman re-joined the Giants after impressing during the organisation’s Elite League and Challenge Cup winning season.

Swindlehurst also helped Team GB keep their place in Pool A after helping them to their second successive gold medal in 2018.

Swindlehurst, from Blackrod in England, became the 195th Giant in 2018/19 after spending the previous two seasons with the Manchester Storm – helping the side to the Patton Conference title last season.

Playing History

2019-2020Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP86000
2019-2020Belfast GiantsEIHL4726224
2019-2020Belfast GiantsChampions HL CUP66011
2019-2020Great BritainOGQ30000
2018-2019Great BritainWC46000
2018-2019Belfast GiantsEIHL5630145
2018-2019Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP106224
2018-2019Belfast GiantsContinental Cup CUP62011
2018-2019Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS40011
2017-2018Manchester StormEIHL Cup CUP66112
2017-2018Great BritainWC D1A54011
2017-2018Manchester StormEIHL5647257
2016-2017Manchester StormEIHL Cup CUP102224
2016-2017Manchester StormEIHL PLAYOFFS22011
2016-2017Great BritainWC D1B54011
2015-2016Great BritainOGQ34011
2015-2016Nottingham PanthersEIHL403431114
2015-2016Sydney Ice DogsAIHL2867131932
2015-2016Nottingham PanthersEIHL Cup CUP102044
2014-2015Great BritainWC D1B52101
2014-2015Dundee StarsEIHL3730325
2014-2015Dundee StarsEIHL Cup CUP22000
2013-2014Dundee StarsEIHL5286257
2013-2014Great BritainWC D1B50000
2013-2014Dundee StarsEIHL Cup CUP1010033
2012-2013Swindon WildcatsEPIHL527011718
2012-2013Great Britain U20WJC-20 D1B510011
2012-2013Swindon WildcatsEPIHL PLAYOFFS22000
2011-2012Great Britain U20WJC-20 D1A58000
2011-2012Swindon WildcatsEPIHL PLAYOFFS22000
2011-2012Swindon WildcatsEPIHL51403811
2010-2011Great Britain U18WJC-18 D1420022
2010-2011OHA Mavericks 1 Midget AAAOEMHL1714141226
2010-2011Great Britain U20WJC-20 D150011
2009-2010OHA Midget AAAOEMHL1314235
2009-2010Great Britain U18WJC-18 D154000
2008-2009Sheffield StormersEngland U161443111425
2008-2009Sheffield SteelhawksEngland U181416279
2008-2009Sheffield RapiersEngland U18 226549
2008-2009Midlands U17EIHA Conf. U17 CUP40123
2007-2008Midlands U15EIHA Conf. U15 CUP40112
2007-2008Sheffield StormersEngland U1614308715
2006-2007North U15EIHA Conf. U15 CUP44101
2006-2007Manchester Phoenix U16England U16 212145712
2006-2007Manchester Phoenix U18England U19 282112
2005-2006EnglandQC Int PW CUP00000
2005-2006Midlands U13EIHA Conf. U13 CUP52101
2004-2005Midlands U13EIHA Conf. U13 CUP42000
2003-2004Midlands U11EIHA Conf. U11 CUP44000
2002-2003North U11EIHA Conf. U11 CUP52022