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Lewis Hook

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Lewis Hook
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Playing position
Youth team
Peterborough Phantoms


Hook will make the 2019/20 season his second in Belfast with the 22 year old posting six goals and 18 assists in his debut season with the Giants.

The left winger has earned call-ups to the Team GB U18s as well as the U20s and was selected for the Senior Men’s pre-World Championship team in 2018.

Hook will wear the #8 jersey for the Giants and, despite his youth, will contribute to the Giants team in all situations again this season.

Playing History

2019-2020Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP84011
2019-2020Belfast GiantsChampions HL CUP62011
2019-2020Belfast GiantsEIHL48641519
2018-2019Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP110156
2018-2019Belfast GiantsEIHL591451318
2018-2019Belfast GiantsContinental Cup CUP62101
2018-2019Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS42000
2017-2018Milton Keynes LightningEIHL5628111526
2017-2018Milton Keynes LightningEIHL Cup CUP810202
2016-2017Milton Keynes LightningEPIHL5518332962
2016-2017Milton Keynes LightningEPIHL PLAYOFFS846814
2015-2016Milton Keynes LightningEPIHL PLAYOFFS42213
2015-2016Coventry BlazeEIHL10000
2015-2016Milton Keynes LightningEPIHL5520223254
2015-2016Great Britain U20WJC-20 D1B44213
2014-2015Great Britain U20WJC-20 D2A544711
2014-2015EnglandENG vs SCO U19 CUP10101
2014-2015Nottingham PanthersEIHL Cup CUP12000
2014-2015Milton Keynes LightningEPIHL PLAYOFFS30224
2014-2015Milton Keynes LightningEPIHL4614212041
2014-2015Nottingham PanthersChampions HL CUP20000
2014-2015Milton Keynes LightningEng. Chal. Cup CUP708917
2013-2014Great Britain U20WJC-20 D1B52123
2013-2014Peterborough PhantomsEPIHL44821113
2013-2014Great Britain U18WJC-18 D2A518044
2012-2013Peterborough Phantoms U18England U1832639
2012-2013Peterborough Phantoms 2NIHL 210000
2012-2013Great Britain U18WJC-18 D2A52426
2012-2013South East U17EIHA Conf. U17 CUP40123
2012-2013Peterborough PhantomsEPIHL531081018
2011-2012Great Britain U18WJC-18 D2A50000
2011-2012Peterborough Phantoms U18England U181522392160
2011-2012South East U17EIHA Conf. U17 CUP40022
2011-2012Peterborough Phantoms U15England U161135281745
2010-2011Peterborough Phantoms U15England U16172026935
2010-2011South East U15EIHA Conf. U15 CUP40123
2009-2010South East U15EIHA Conf. U15 CUP42101
2009-2010Peterborough Phantoms U16BEngland U16 220819
2009-2010Peterborough Phantoms U15England U1612414822
2008-2009South East U13EIHA Conf. U13 CUP412101
2008-2009EnglandQC Int PW CUP00000
2008-2009Peterborough Phantoms U15England U1610011
2007-2008South East U13EIHA Conf. U13 CUP411000
2006-2007South East U11EIHA Conf. U11 CUP40000
2005-2006South East U11EIHA Conf. U11 CUP40000