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Andrew Dickson


Andrew Dickson returns to his local team for the 2019/20 season after winning the Elite League and Challenge Cup – his fourth and fifth championships as a Giants.

The 31 year old can also boast the 2011/12, 2013/14 and 2018/19 Elite League titles as well as the Challenge Cup in 2018 and 2019.

Playing History

2019-2020Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP101
2019-2020Belfast GiantsEIHL000
2019-2020Belfast GiantsChampions HL CUP000
2019-2020Belfast GiantsChampions HL CUP000
2018-2019Belfast GiantsContinental Cup CUP000
2018-2019Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP101
2018-2019Belfast GiantsEIHL15.920.667
2018-2019Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS000
2017-2018Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP15.020.828
2017-2018Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS000
2017-2018Belfast GiantsEIHL46.660.75
2016-2017Belfast GiantsEIHL1150.5
2016-2017Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS000
2016-2017Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP120.923
2015-2016Belfast GiantsEIHL230.923
2015-2016Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS000
2015-2016Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP21.520.929
2014-2015Belfast GiantsContinental Cup CUP000
2014-2015Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS160.813
2014-2015Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP101
2014-2015Belfast GiantsEIHL43.440.882
2013-2014Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP1200
2013-2014Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS000
2013-2014Belfast GiantsEIHL73.770.857
2012-2013Belfast GiantsEIHL22.610.667
2012-2013Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS000
2012-2013Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP130.5
2011-2012Belfast GiantsEIHL Cup CUP301
2011-2012Belfast GiantsEIHL102.350.9
2011-2012Belfast GiantsEIHL PLAYOFFS101
2010-2011Invicta DynamosENL193.60.912
2009-2010Belfast GiantsEIHL18.570.833
2009-2010Sheffield SteelersEIHL000
2009-2010Edinburgh CapitalsEIHL Cup CUP160.818
2009-2010Castlereagh SpartansIIHL000
2007-2008Belfast City BruinsIIHL160