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Subway Healthy Lifestyle

The Stena Line Belfast Giants feel that promoting the concept of a Healthy Lifestyle is extremely important at this time especially when we continually hear frightening statistics about the health of the current generation of our young people.

Using their position as professional sportsmen the Giants identify key factors to creating a healthy lifestyle and encourage the young people to focus on these areas.

The players have certainly shown their ability to communicate with the pupils in our schools. They have demonstrated great enthusiasm and remarkable rapport, working very hard to bring the message about eating correctly and getting enough of the right type of exercise.

The children are amazed at the amount of commitment needed to be a professional athlete. The players are therefore able to use their influence as professional sportsmen to convince the children that they too should be trying to make their lifestyle healthier.

Again, we’ve had far more requests for visits than we could possibly deal with so my apologies, in advance, to any schools we have to leave out this year.

Our partner for many years in the Healthy Lifestyle programme has been Subway. We are very grateful for your continued support for yet another year. You are very much part of the work we do and we thank you sincerely for your input and generosity.

It is our goal to make a positive impact on the long term health of our primary school children.

To enquire about this program or to book a visit please email