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Kelman Reaction To Dowd Signing

General Manager Todd Kelman is pleasantly surprised about Robert Dowd coming to Belfast.  Kelman, who is away in Canada for a friend’s wedding, said he found out about the signing the day after it happened.

Kelman explained from his hometown of Calgary, Canada.

“I told everyone that I was turning off from the world for 48 hours, no mobile phone, no emails, no texts.  I figured how much could really happen in 48 hours? I called Doug for an update on Saturday morning and found out about Dowd and at the same time found out about Ryan FInnerty taking the coaching job in Sheffield. Doug and I spoke about last Thursday and Friday being a crucial period for us in terms of finding a Brit to replace Shields.  We had our eye on a couple of different guys but to honest, I thought Dowd would have been tied up long term with the Steelers.  We hit the jackpot by getting him.  I listed Peacock, Garside and Dowd as the 3 best young home grown talents in the British game right now, so to have all of them with the Giants is fantastic.

“All the credit has to go to Doug on this one, he moved quickly and made it happen, he certainly surprised me when I found out. We already have Murphy coming back with Garside and Peacock, all who have already been locked up for next season.  We obviously want to get Wally signed up in the next week or so and hopefully we can get Craze back again as well.