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Stevie Lyle Moves To Cardiff Devils…

Netminder Stevie Lyle, who backstopped the Giants to two trophies this season and a franchise record 16 game winning streak two seasons ago has moved back to his hometown Cardiff Devils on a three year deal.

Giants General Manager Todd Kelman commented on Lyle’s departure:

“Stevie asked a couple weeks ago if he could be released from the second year of his two year contract here in Belfast. We know that Lyle’s family is in Cardiff, he has a young son and a lovely wife that need him around. Our first choice would have been to have him back, but we did not want to hold him back from moving home into a great situation in Cardiff. In different circumstances Steve Thornton and I might not have wanted to release Stevie, but this is the right thing to do for Stevie, and sometimes you have to put the right thing in front of what you might want for the hockey team.”

“I want to thank Stevie for two great seasons here in Belfast. He was one of the best guys I have met in this sport, and he performed great for us during his two years in Belfast. He came in and saved our season two years ago and this past season, he won two championships for us. I wish him all the best for next season with the Devils.”