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The Belfast Giants are very active in fulfilling donation requests from many charitable, educational, community and non-profit organizations. The Giants take great pride in making these contributions and see them as an opportunity to give back and make a positive impact on our community.

Procedure for Donation Requests
The following procedure has been created to ensure fairness and consistency to all organisations seeking support. If you are interested in requesting a donation for your event or organisation, please do the following:

1. Due to the volume of donation requests received on an annual basis please submit the request 30 days in advance of the event.

2. Donation requests must be submitted on the charity’s, educational or community group’s or the not-for-profit organization’s letterhead and must include your organization’s charity registration number or VAT registration number.

3. If letterhead is not available, a flyer or other promotional document advertising the event must be submitted along with the request.

4. Please ensure that you have included:
– The address and full name of your organization
– A contact person with a telephone number or email address
– An explanation of the nature of the event (name, date, time, location, sponsor)
– What the event benefits
– How the team’s contribution will be used

Which organizations do we support?
The Belfast Giants support registered and not-for-profit groups throughout the Belfast area that have a specific focus on literacy, public education, or health-and-wellness programs. A priority will be given to those that make a positive impact on youth. Please note we are unable to accommodate requests for families or individuals.

Although our policies allow us to be generous with our donations, submitting a request does not guarantee your organization will receive a donation and the volume of requests that we receive on an annual basis has required us to limit the number that we fulfil. In an attempt to help the greatest number of people, the Belfast Giants will only contribute to an event/organization once per season.

What items are offered?
What we donate includes, but is not limited to, tickets, merchandise, autographed memorabilia and player appearances. Organizations are encouraged to request specific items but ultimately the items to be donated are determined at the discretion of the Belfast Giants and we do not provide a monetary value for any auction items. Please note, we are unable to guarantee that every item donated will be autographed and due to limited seating availability at the Odyssey Arena there are only a certain number of tickets allocated for charitable requests, tickets for certain games may not be available for donation.

Please note:
We do not allow fundraising or bucket collections at any of our games.

Please address your donation request letter to:
Attn: Donations

The Belfast Giants do not accept items to be signed, provide items for personal collection/use, or donate to organizations soliciting requests on behalf of a third party.

With all donations applications pleas provide an appointed contact with their name, telephone number and email address. Failure to include this information will mean we can not process your application.