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Odyssey Academy – Jake’s Blog

Jake from the Odyssey Academy wrote this blog article for us!

Over the past six weeks, we have done many courses through the Odyssey Trust’s Academy – from food and beverage to today’s session with Giants TV, learning all types of skills and even interviewing Giants players.

It all showed us just how much work goes into each game or event and just how much impact the smallest details can have, as we saw from meeting Brian Campbell, who is health and safety manager of the SSE.

Today, Victoria Steveley from UTV helped us think of questions for Giants players Adam Keefe, Brandon Benedict and Colin Shields.

The first, and most important, thing was research as knowledge is power and helps decide what the best questions are to ask.

You have to think about what other interviews they have done, trying to ask different questions to get the best responses about how well the team has been performing and if the stats back up what you have seen.

But we also saw the little things that can also be a factor – like time restrictions that can limit how many questions you ask. And you have to think about little things like body language and if you are looking at the players or the camera.

All these small things go a long way because the Belfast Giants may be a brand and the players athletes, but they are also people like you and me and should be treated as one off the ice which is something people might forget.

I hope my blog shows others a little bit about what I learned and, above that, enjoyed and I hope others get the chance to experience it too.

— Jake