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Subway Healthy Lifestyle Programme 2016/17 Launches

Welcome back to our Subway Healthy Lifestyle section!

Firstly, a GIANT thank you to Subway for their wonderful support. This has given the Giants the opportunity to continue with their work in a large number of Primary Schools.

We had the official launch of our Healthy Lifestyle campaign in Brooklands Primary School, Dundonald when Matt Nickerson and Chris Higgins gave the children a great insight in to the need for Healthy Eating and Exercise. The children were really excited and certainly hung on every word of the presentation. It was particularly pleasing to have Danny from Subway with us on this very special occasion.


The pupils certainly enjoyed hearing the Giants explain how important it is to have a healthy diet and how necessary it is to get sufficient exercise of the right type. At the end of the session the school was presented with a Healthy Lifestyle Pennant to remind them of the visit. As with all our Healthy Lifestyle schools Subway presented Brooklands with tickets to a Giants game.

The Giants are very grateful to the Principal of Brooklands P.S. and to Mr Coetzee and the other staff members for all their help on the day. Despite this being the official launch players have now been out in our schools since late September.

The immense popularity of the initiative has meant that this year we have school visits on at least three afternoons each week talking to even larger numbers of children about the need for a Healthy Lifestyle.


The Giants and Subway feel that promoting the concept of a “Healthy Lifestyle” is extremely important at this time, especially when we repeatedly hear frightening statistics about the health of the current generation of our young people. The players believe that they, as professional sportsmen, are in a unique position to exert a positive influence over, and be good role models for the children.

The programme has certainly got off to a great start and by the time you read this the players will have brought the “Healthy Lifestyle” message to thousands of children.
We’ve so far visited schools as far apart as Belfast, Bangor, Newtownards, Ballynahinch, Whitehead, Downpatrick and Comber. Maybe your school will soon be getting a call to invite you to become part of the “Healthy Lifestyle” initiative.

To the principals and staff of all the schools we have visited so far the Giants would like to say thanks for making us feel so welcome.


We hope the boys and girls lucky enough to get game tickets, courtesy of Subway, will really enjoy their visit to the Odyssey and that all of the children we speak to will take on board the Healthy Lifestyle message.

Let’s all get together to make this year’s campaign as great a success as possible so that we can say at the end of the season that we have helped set thousands of children on the road to…